No Second Take: ‘Disposable’ Showcases the Single Shot Era

How many selfies does it take to get the “perfect selfie?” Back in the day of disposable cameras—way before Instagram—one take is all you got. No selecting the best shot. No deleting. The folks at Con Artist Collective, an artists collective on the Lower East Side in NYC, are going back in time to the “one take” days by putting on an exhibition of photos entirely taken with disposable cameras.

Called “Disposable,” the show celebrates all that was unique about the era of the single shot: grainy images, imperfect photos,  and amusing photographic failures.

Curator Michael Sharp explains:

In the era of smartphones and webcams, it’s easy to forget the magic of disposable cameras. Candid and unforgiving, photos from disposables can capture everything from intimate interactions to poorly cropped selfies to blurry chaos. 

The opening reception took place last night, and the exhibition runs through April 1st. The closing party is April 1st at 7 pm.

Below are some exclusive images from the exhibition.







Con Artist Collective
119 Ludlow Street, New York NY 10002

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