On view: Andy Warhol, Lips at Danziger Gallery

Pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987)’s work is currently being featured in an exhibition called “Lips,” which runs at Danziger Gallery in New York. On view from January 19 through February 25, 2017, the exhibition’s name gives away its theme—artistically, it focuses on Warhol’s works that feature women’s lips.

Based on Warhol’s fascination with the feature and shape of women’s lips, the selection of works is taken from the three different albums Warhol made, which contain collage images of more than 60 different pairs of lips. The exhibition also includes his paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, which are marked by Warhol’s highlighting of their subjects lips through marked outlines.

The press release explains more of Warhol’s creative process:

To make these portraits [Warhols] would take a Polaroid picture of the sitter which was then transferred to an enlarged silkscreen. Tracing simple outlines onto the canvas first, Warhol would underpaint the mouth and eye area so that when the silkscreen was applied on top those features would stand out.  […]

The lips are silkscreened onto various different tapes, from masking tape to packing tape to scotch tape, and then placed and adhered on to the 8 x 8 1⁄2” page. Because of the thin width of most of the tapes the substrate tape is laid down in layers. Sometimes the tape is laid down roughly and unevenly, sometimes the tape is trimmed to the outer edges of the lips. But the very handmade nature of each collage stands in interesting counterpoint to Warhol’s proclaimed interest in the machine made artwork and the hands-off approach he increasingly adopted throughout his career.

Currently on view at Danziger Gallery, 95 Rivington Street, New York City.


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