Trevor Shin

Dallas-based artist and illustrator Trevor Shin in five quick questions.

How would you describe the inspiration behind your work?
Reactionary. I’m incessantly drawing so my drawings are a reflection of the world around me filtered through my hand.

Is there a long thought process behind each illustration or do they move quickly?
Both. Some thoughts ruminate for months to years waiting for a visual solution whereas most just flow out while sketching. I tend to draw fast and ask questions later—there is a sense of freedom when putting pen to paper.

Some of work incorporates color, though not all. Is coloring in a rational choice or is it purely dependent on artwork?
Black and White can be a hell of a statement. Color is incidental to my work and primarily plays a supporting role to my stories.

What gets you up in the morning?
Two alarms, three snoozes, coffee and the possibility of drawing something worthwhile.

Any projects coming up that you would like so share/plug?
The Dallas art scene has a really supportive community. I frequently work in Dallas with a
prolific graffiti group called Sour Grapes. A few times a year we open the studio so people
can come check out our latest work. The Sour Grapes studio has been going strong for 16
years, so this year we’re throwing the studio a Sweet 16. It’s going to be great, we’ll have
plenty of work up (and drinks) for the birthday bash!


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